I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the past two decades and I’ve seen it all. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve learned from mistakes. I’ve heard reasons for not succeeding, excuses, finger pointing and blame. I’ve seen transformations, success, growth, empowerment, confidence, and lives changed.

The biggest difference between the two is the mindset of the individual. Individuals who were successful had the belief they were going to be successful. They knew there was a process and to be patient. They knew that if they made the right choices over and over again, the results would happen.

Creating and maintaining a growth mindset is something that can be trained. People aren’t born with it and depending on your upbringing, it could take some time to build. The more bad habits, thoughts, and negativity your mind hosts, the tougher it will be to break those bad habits. There’s a reason we have a “Growth Mindset” as number two on our “Starke Life” pyramid. If you don’t have a positive mindset going into anything you attempt, the outcome won’t reach its full potential.

Imagine growing up carrying some extra weight. Now imagine one of your parents taking you to a dirt road with the car and getting you to run alongside the car because you’re getting a little thicker than your siblings and the other kids at school. Maybe a little physical activity will do the trick. Now imagine growing up and trying every diet possible to lose weight. Every diet you try works but only while you’re on it and none of them are sustainable. Even the “sustainable” nutrition plans are too much work because you had to go shopping, do food prep, and have good food readily available for all your meals. Even on a good plan when you’re seeing progress and dropping 1-2lbs / week you see a friend post that they lost 8lbs this week doing their diet so it must be better…

No diet or eating plan is going to help with what’s going on in this story. There are a million stories out there of guys and girls who have had some sort of negative comments or feedback growing up that challenges their mindset and the ability to be successful in creating positive and healthy changes.

You need to have a clear plan of WHAT YOU WANT and WHY you want it. Once you know the reasons you need to address all of the things that might come up and get in your way of being successful.

Peter Gollwitzer is a German psychology professor who studied “preloaded responses”. Setting goals for yourself is great but having an action plan of what response you’ll give when other options or opportunities arise is even more important because it’s those responses used time after time, that will get you to your goal.

What are you going to eat when you go out to that birthday party and all they’re serving is hot dogs hamburgers and chips?
Are you going to say yes to a late show on Friday night when you have your workout scheduled in your calendar for 8am Saturday morning?
What are you going to have for lunch if you don’t bring lunch to work or what choices will you make if you do go out for lunch?
When your friends invite you out for “drinks” is it because they really want you to drink or is it because they want to spend time with you? What will you drink?

There is an infinite list of possibilities that can come up and derail you at any time if you let it. What plan do you have in place to guarantee you’ll make the right decision towards your goals?

If the only restriction to eating well and being healthy was food related, the process would be easy.

Your mind is a tougher fix but it’s also the answer to successfully tackle mental barriers and obstacles. When you can deal with obstacles you can clear a path towards your goals in pursuit of a better you…

If it takes time and effort, it’s worth it and so are you…