• 60-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Jordan Hanaway has trained in different methods of yoga for a decade and began her CrossFit journey six months ago. Her favorite style to practice is Vinyasa Flow, a more aggressive and vigorous style of yoga that incorporates intermediate and advanced postures. “After many years of this type of yoga practice, it seemed I had reached a plateau, and was unable to gain the flexibility required to further my practice,” she says. “This is when I discovered Yin yoga—a calmer, slower style of yoga wherein postures are typically held for 2-5 minutes. The long holds helps to lengthen connective tissues, improve flexibility, and can even provide mental benefits. I chose to get my certification in Yin Yoga because I believe it to be the perfect type of yoga to balance out an active lifestyle, especially one that involves CrossFit!”

Passionate about health and fitness, Jordan tries to get moving at least once each day and eat a balanced diet to help offset her “mild chocolate addiction.” She practices with her beloved border collie Billie nearby. “She keeps me busy and never fails to put a smile on my face!”

Jordan has played sports throughout her entire life – soccer, badminton, track, cross country, volleyball, etc.—and eventually found a need for improved mobility. “I started doing yoga back in 2007 with a DVD that I had rented from the library, and I’ve been hooked ever since,” she says. “Becoming a yoga instructor is something that I had thought about doing for a long time, and the community at Starke gave me the final push that I needed to act on it! I am so excited to teach yoga at Starke because mobility is an essential component in living a happy and healthy life, and meeting fitness goals.”