• CrossFit Level 2
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
  • Fascial Movement Taping
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1 Certification
  • NCCP Intro to Competition A Trained (National Coaching Certification Program)
  • NCCP Level 1 Training
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • First AID/CPR

Laurie Kraus specializes in CrossFit & Nutrition Coaching/Consulting. “I love helping people live healthy lives, including having the energy needed to work out, or get through their day!” she says. “I believe that each person’s nutritional needs are just as individual and unique as they are, and therefore, I work with my clients to find what works for them and offer the support needed to keep them on track, working toward their goals, or helping them maintain a healthy eating pattern.”

Laurie truly believes that everyone is capable of so much more than they realize. “I like being able to push each person just a little further than they thought they could go, hopefully allowing them to see their potential, and maybe crossing into a new potential they weren’t aware existed for them,” she says.

After meeting Paul 15 years ago and falling in love with her workouts, Laurie made the move to coaching. “I finally started to pay attention to what I was doing, and Paul started asking if I’d like to become a coach, as he saw something in me that I hadn’t yet realized was there. The more I thought about it, the more I got excited (but also scared) to do it; that’s how I knew it was right for me!” She hasn’t looked back.