A few weeks back we posted a few photos of Eric’s transformation through his strength and conditioning journey here at Starke. Transformations don’t happen overnight but the hours, days, weeks, months and years that you put into it will add up. This young man puts in a lot of hard work and it’s paying off. The side effects of moving better, getting stronger, getting fitter, and looking like a greek have benefits outside of the gym as well. The most recent big accomplishment is taking home a Gold medal in his first weightlifting meet just over a week ago. This afternoon Eric and I have a goal setting meeting at 4:30 pm to help him set his sights on the next target. This is something that is available to all of our members here at Starke. I love when our members are hungry to grow…  

Starke: What have you learned about yourself doing CrossFit?

Eric: I’ve learned I’m capable of more than I thought I was physically and mentally.

Physically I’ve developed in terms of strength, conditioning, agility, endurance, and coordination. I was never the star athlete in high school, I was tall but that only gets you so far. I was missing discipline, intentional training, and patience.

Mentally, I have realized my physical “red line” is much further than what my mental “red line” is. I try to push myself further every chance I get and I always take what I’m doing seriously and not get complacent. Also, that success requires balance.

It has taught me that failure is okay sometimes as it just gets you fired up to try again. And once you get it and don’t fail you’ll feel proud of your work and excited to do more.

Also, it has taught me the importance of a community and the support of others. As well as having someone to push you just a little further than you might have on your own.

Starke: What would you tell someone who is just starting to get active or interested in trying a new activity?

Eric: Focus on getting the fundamentals down. If you don’t, they’ll come back to bite you. When you have a solid base to work with building upwards becomes easier and exciting. But still, expect to find all sorts of holes in your abilities/skills.

Be patient with the process and take actual measurements (weight, size, time on a workout, etc.) so you can look back and see improvements!

Also, even if you feel tired/gross on the way to the gym, you will almost always leave feeling energized, happier overall, and proud of yourself. If getting there is your biggest problem remember that “the best to get something done is to start”. Eventually, your day will feel weird when you don’t train and you’ll wonder how you ever didn’t.

Starke: How has training affected your daily life?

Eric: Training has increased my overall self-confidence and given me the belief that I am capable of learning to do/know pretty much anything (given enough time and practice).

Training makes me want to do well at everything else in my life: when I don’t eat good I don’t feel good in training, when I don’t sleep enough I don’t feel good in training, etc. Being consistent and disciplined with training makes me make better decisions outside of the gym.

It has also made me make more use of my time when at school/home because I know I want to get to the gym, so I better use this spare hour to get that assignment/project done. Also, it makes me be proactive with school work so I don’t suddenly get swamped and miss a day at the gym.


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