Monday 02-08-2022 Starke HomeFit

EMOM x 20
min 1: 10 deadlifts
min 2: 10 alt. Z-press
min 3: 10-15 hip thrusts
min 4: 5-10 strict chinups

AMRAP x 10 min

15/12 cals
10 t2b
5 deadlifts

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a mixed strength EMOM; 20 mins is a total of 5 rounds through.  Deadlifts can be done with a barbell or double DB/KB. You can add a tempo or deficit if you don’t have weight that is challenging. The Z-press will be done with two KB’s if you have. These are done sitting on the ground with legs straight out in front- 10 reps alternating is 5 per side. Hip thrusts can be done with a barbell or DB and a bench or box; something to elevate the upper back. You can also do them as a glute bridge raise from the floor if no bench is available. Number of strict chinups can vary depending on your abilities. If you want to keep reps lower to complete good quality chinups, that is fine. They can be substituted for any supine grip row variation (ring/TRX row, KB row, etc). 

For Part B, t2b can be subbed for HLR or dragon flags. Deadlift weight should be manageable for 5 reps unbroken.