Monday 03-02-20 Workout Of the Day

 A. Skill work: pullups (kipping, butterfly, etc.)
OR ring dips (strict, kipping, etc.)

B. EMOM x 8
3-5 pullups + 3-5 ring dips (in the same min)

C. 2 RFT
time cap: 15 min
500m row
50 KBS @40/60#
25 pullups

Workout Intentions: Part A is an opportunity to work on one of two skills, pullups OR ring dips. Challenge yourself to choose the skill you are weakest at. This time may involve practicing kipping pullups or dip drills and butterfly drills for those that are not yet able to do them, or are looking to refine technique. Coaches will guide you to an appropriate drill or skill based on where you’re at.

Part B will be combining pullups and dips, these can be kipping or butterfly, ideally the variations you worked on in part A. Reps are intentionally low to ensure quality practice of technically sound movement. You should get about 30 seconds of rest each round to maintain the integrity of your movement.

For Part C, aim to complete this work in under 15 minutes, choosing variations and weights appropriately You should be able to perform the KBS in 1-3 sets, with short rest between. Pullups should be 2-3 sets, again with short rest. This workout is meant to be pretty quick, with minimal rest.