Monday 05-03-2021 Workout Of the Day

Running clock…
10 single DB squat clean @35/50#
50 DU
10 wallballs @14/20#
10 burpees
10/12 cals
10 sng DB hang C&J @35/50#

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s workout will be done with a running clock. Essentially you are doing three 10 min AMRAPs, with 5 minutes of rest between each. Each AMRAP is a couplet, consisting of just 2 movements. You want to ensure transitions are quick and efficient, so set up to allow for this. You can start different athletes on different portions of the workout to accommodate wallballs space. DB movements are single DB- squat cleans are from the floor and C&J’s are from the hang. Write your score for each 10 minute AMRAP.