Monday 05/22/2023 Workout Of the Day


For Time In Teams of 2…@30/40#
Complete in any order***:
100 dbl DB squat cleans
100 cal ski
100 dbl DB step overs
100 pullups
100 renegade rows (row R + row L, no pushup)
100 burpee box jumps
100 HSPU/pike pushups/pushups/S2OH
***300m partner run after each 100 reps

Workout Notes: Share the work with a partner, one person working at a time. You can complete the workout in any order, but you must complete all 100 reps of the movement before moving on. After your team completes the 100 reps of a movement, you both run 300m together. The workout starts and finishes with a 300m run! Have fun and happy May Long Weekend everyone!