Monday 06-08-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 12 min
odd: 3-5 deadlifts
even: 8-10 pushups*
*add a plate or make pike pushups for challenge

B. For time:
cal row

Workout Intentions/Notes: You will spend time building for your deadlifts in part A. Goal is to be at a challenging weight for 3-5 reps that you can repeat for 6 sets. You may choose to build over the EMOM as well if you the weight is feeling good and form is dialled in. Pushups can be made more difficult by adding a plate on your upper back, making them pike pushups or by elevating feet on a box.

For Part B, the goal is unbroken wallballs. As the reps decrease, your pace on the rower should pick up. Last 10 cals and 5 wallballs should be a sprint.