Monday 07-06-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 15 min build
1 power snatch +
1 hang squat snatch

B. “Nancy on the Run”
time cap 16 min

300m run
15 OHS @65/95#

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, the power snatch will be from the ground for most athletes, followed by a squat snatch from hang. Bar should not be dropped between reps, until the second snatch is complete. If you are newer to Olympic lifts, both snatches can be from the ground. Aim to hit in and around 8 sets during the build.

Part B is a variation of the benchmark WOD, “Nancy”. Instead of a 400m row, it will be a 300m run. For those that cannot run, they can do the 400m row instead. Aim for a moderate run, and slow it down as you near the building so you can approach your bar and begin squats right away. Goal is unbroken on the overhead squats; the weight should not be heavy. If overhead mobility is lacking or overhead squats are not an option for other reasons, front squats may be substituted. Last round should be a hard effort run.