Monday 07/17/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. E 1:30 x 8 sets
1 power clean +
1 squat clean +
1 jerk

B. 1:30 on / 1:30 off x 5
9 hang power cleans
6 front squats
3 S2OH
max cal echo in time remaining

RX: 85/115#
Int: 65/95#
Beg: 55/75#

Workout Notes: Part A will be front the ground (from the hang for newer athletes). Build before starting your working sets- you can also build weight over the 8 sets. Jerks can be a push jerk or a split jerk. Sit down and rest between sets.

Part B is a 1:1 work to rest. You will do 9 hang power cleans, 6 front squats and 3 shoulder to overhead, then hop on an echo bike for max cals in the time remaining. Try to go unbroken on the barbell work, dropping the bar once at most.  Record cals each round and aim for a slight improvement each round. Repeat for 5 rounds.