Monday 08-10-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. E90s x 10 rounds
1 power clean + 1 jerk

B. 15 min AMRAP
50 DU
10 lateral bar burpees
5 power cleans @95/135#

Workout Notes/Intentions:
For Part A, you will spend some time building before beginning your working sets. You should aim to get to a moderately challenging weight before beginning part A. You may build a bit as you progress through the 10 rounds as well. Jerk may be a push jerk or a split jerk, depending on how heavy you are going. Sit down and rest between sets. If you are newer to olympic lifting, you can choose to add a few reps and stay a little lighter, focusing on technique and building those movement patterns. If you are moving good and feeling good, you may end up going for a PR!

Part B is a longer AMRAP, so try to be smooth and consistent on the DU’s and burpees. Step the burpees up if needed, to keep moving and not spend a lot of time standing or resting. The power cleans do not need to be TNG. Quick, efficient singles will be a great option for this one. 6+ rounds will be doable for many.