Monday 08-24-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 x 3 deadlifts

B. 3:00 on/3:00 off x 5 sets
12 t2b
9 deadlifts @155/225#
6 burpee box jumps
Max cal row/bike in time remaining

Workout Intentions: For Part A, build to a challenging but technically sound set of 3 deadlifts. You will perform 5 sets, sitting down to rest between sets. You may build a bit over your 5 sets as well. 

For B, work to rest ratio is one to one. You can push the pace and go hard, as you get 3 minutes recovery. If needed, you can share a rower or bike with someone and wipe it down during your rest. Try to go unbroken on all movements. The goal is to get about 60-90s on the machines. Score for each round is your calories. Aim for consistent scores across all 5 rounds.