Monday 1-17-22

E2M – 6
Build to a “heavy” three S2OH (push press or ideally jerk)
*from the rack

Take some time in part A. to build to a heavier weight with either your push press or jerk for three reps. Work on absorbing the bar on the way back down each and every time with the empty bar and as you build weight. Also, make sure to finish your drive on the jerk to take advantage of maximum launch from those shoulders.

13 Min Cap.
40/50 Kcal ECHO Buy In
6 S2OH
10 T2B

RX: 110/155#
Intermediate: 85/115#
Beginner: 65/95#

Part B. Will begin with a 40/50 Kcal Buy in on the ECHO bike. This will cut into your 13 minutes. Once you complete you Kcal, go directly into an AMRAP of S2OH and T2B/HLR for the remaining time. Pick a weight you can go 6 unbroken S2OH on under fatigue and use your “walk” from the barbell to the pull up bar as your “rest” in this workout…
*Part B. can be done with DB’s or Kettlebells as well…