Monday 1-31-22

E2:30 – 8 (20 Min)
1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat + 2 Jerks

Use part A to work on technique if you’re a newer athlete or get a little heavier. If your squat depth is limited receive the bar in a power position. Kettlebells can also be used for this if you don’t have an optimal front rack position.

“Guns Blazing”
6 Box Over Burpees
10 Alt DB Snatches

RX: 35/50# 20/24″
Intermediate: 30/40# 20/24″
Beginner: 20/30 16/20″

Part B is going to be short and sweet. “It’s only six minutes, how bad could it be”? The shorter the workout the faster you can more and the higher the intensity. Start quick and consistent and finish with “Guns Blazing”…