Monday 10-02-23 Workout Of The Day

Training Notes:

For the next three months, we will be performing a squat cycle where we will be squatting twice a week. To kick this week off we will be performing front squats for sets of five on Monday and back squats for set a five on Thursday. Next week we will be front squatting on Tuesday and back squatting on Friday. This squat cycle will consist of a three week build, followed by a one week deload. If you would really like to see progress in your squats Track the weight you’re using during every session. After the first deload week try to increase your weights by 5 pounds if possible. We will be working in a second strength movement in the fur minute window along with the squats to build upper body, pulling and pressing strength as well.

Week one will be sets of five front squats Monday back squats Thursday
Week two will be sets of three, front squats on Tuesday back spots on Friday
Week three will be a 5-3-1 rep scheme
Week four will be a deload week Where we will be, knocking the weight down and performing different variations of the squat.

This program is based on the Wendler 5-3-1 program and is a proven and effective way of building your squat. 

As with any exercise, prioritize movement and mechanics over the weight on the bar. Depending on stress levels, sleep, nutrition, recovery from sickness don’t worry about the load you’re lifting and make sure you’re moving as well as possible.

Today’s Workout:

E4M – 3
5 Font Squats
5 Dbl KB Strict Press

AMRAP – 13
10 Alternating Dbl KB Lunges (keep bells by the rig)
10 Ring / box dips
6 Shuttle Runs (rig to tv and back) 

KB Weight
RX: 35/50#
Interrmediate: 30/40#
Beginner: Body weight or 20/30# +/-

Workout Notes: Part A will consist of two strength movements. In a four minute window you will perform five front squats, followed by five kettlebell stretch press. Prior to beginning your first set you will have a chance to find a good starting weight for your front squats and presses. Stick or continue to build through your three sets. 

Part B will be a 13 minute triplet consisting of 10 front rack lunges, 10 ring dips or box tips, and six shuttle runs from the rig to the wall of the women’s bathroom/TV. Pace yourself to keep moving and Choose weights you can go unbroken on your lunges with and one break or unbroken with your dips.