Monday 10-03-22 Workout Of The Day

E3M – 6
3 Front Squats & 5 Chin Ups

Find a heavy three front squats today while sharing your three minute window with your five chin ups or variation.

“Burden Bumper”
400m Plate Run
50 Plate Squats (hugging or holding @ 9&3)
40 Plate G2OH*
30 OH Walking Plate Lunges
20 Plate Burpees**
10 Plate Thrusters

*Plate G2OH the top edge of the plate will touch the ground as you hinge and bend your knees to make contact with the plate and ground.
** Plate burpees, the plate stays on the ground and you’ll drop down to your burpee, touch the plate with your hands then jump up onto it.

RX: 35/45#
Intermediate: 25/25#
Beginner: 15/25#

Today’s workout is all about the plate. You’ll pick one weight you can use for the whole workout. Find the best place to carry your plate for the 400m run (hint the ditch IS NOT ACCEPTABLE) then perform the movements in sequence until completion. Have fun and don’t leave your BFF Bumper behind!