Monday 10-09-23 Workout Of The Day

In teams of three…
One working, one holding, one resting.

With a running clock
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0 – 12:00
1 Mile Run

12:00 – 20:00 (8min)
1. Max Deadlifts @ 155/225#
2. Front rack double bell hold
3. Rest

Rest 20:00 – 22:00

22:00 – 30:00 (8 min)
1. Max Pull Ups
2. Plank hold
3. Rest

Rest 28:00-30:00

30:00 – 38:00
1. Max Front Squats 95/135# +/-
2. Double KB OH hold
3. Rest

Rest 30:00 – 32:00

32:00-40:00 (8 min)
1. Max Kcal Ski
2. Wall Sit
3. Rest

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully you’re all having a great Thanksgiving long weekend and are thankful for Monday’s team of three partner workout 🙂 Monday’s workout will have four eight minute components where teams will need to rotate from working, to resting to holding and complete as many reps as possible with the movements above. If you need to modify and perform a different weight or modified movement, make it happen. The one mile run will kick things off and get you moving. The faster you finish the run, the more rest you’ll get. There will be a two minute rest between each segment of the workout.

Get your rest and bring your best!