Monday 10-16-23 Workout Of The Day

E4M – 3
5-3-1 Front Squats + 5 Heavy KB Push Press

In teams of two
AMRAP – 15
10/12 Kcal Row
6 Over the rower burpees
1-3 Bar Muscle Ups or 3 C2B or Jumping pull ups 

Today’s workout kicks off with week three of our squat cycle. Today the goal is to build to a heavy five, a heavy, three and a heavy single+. If you are somebody who tracks your numbers consistently, you can work off of percentages or if you’d like to go by Philo on the day, work with how you feel. He really.Your set of five should be done at approximately 75% of your one rep max. You’re set a three should be done at approximately 85% of your one rep max. And your heavy single should be done at around 95-ish percent of your one rep max. Aim for a single rep or more at this weight if possible. 

For more information on our squat cycle or a deeper dive, FOLLOW THIS LINK

Part B should be done in teams of two. One person completes a full round before person two jumps in. Person one will complete 10 or 12 cal on the rower followed by six over the roar Burpee’s followed by 1 to 3 bar muscle ups. If you’re a pro at bar muscle ups, try banging out three if you have them but aren’t extremely consistent with them, one or two reps is great. Make sure you’re performing a set that you can do unbroken rather than breaking it up and needing to take a lot of rest.