Monday 10-19-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill Work: Pistols

B. EMOM x 12
1: 5 pistols/side
2: 10 strict T2B or T2R

C. For time:
time cap 16 mins
100 wallballs @20/30#*
100 KBS @50/70#*
*every time you break, 12/10 cals on machine of choice

Workout Notes/Intentions: You will spend some time practicing pistols (one legged squats). Several variations and scalable options exist; coaches will go over them. For the EMOM, choose a challenging variation for 5 reps per leg. Add weight if you are able to. The T2B/2R should be strict, or as strict as possible.

Part B has a 16 min time cap. You will perform 100 wallballs and 100 KBS for time, however each time you break you must perform 12/10 cals on a machine of your choice. You can rotate through bike/row/ski, as you wish. KBS are just to shoulder height. Have your spray bottle and rag with you for the workout so you can spray down each machine after use. Once you pick up the med ball or KB, the goal is to go as long as possible without putting it down. Once you put it down, you must stop and do your cal penalty before returning to your reps. Try to hit a bit set in your first set to make it well into those 100 reps.