Monday 11-01-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 20 mins
1: 6/leg heavy back lunges, goblet
2: 8-10 double KB Turkish sit ups
3: 6/leg step ups
4: 8-10 dbl bell floor press

B. 4 RFT
time cap 15 mins
400m ski
20 KBS @50/70#
10 C2B pullups

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a mixed strength EMOM. You will need a few sets of weights for the different movements. Lunges will be done with a single KB or DB in the goblet squat position. Step back on the lunges and do all 6 on one side before switching. The double KB Turkish sit ups are done with two bells locked out. Control the descent so you do not just crash down to the floor; lower with control. Step ups will be weighted with two dumbbells or KB’s at your sides. The floor press is double KB or DB. You will do 5 rounds total.

For Part B, swings will be shoulder height. You should be able to do them in 1-2 sets. The chest to bar pullups should be tougher than your regular pullup variation. If doing ring rows, be more horizontal than usual. If you are using a band, aim to touch your chest to the rather than just chin over. This will be a grippy metcon, so try to relax your grip where you can.