Monday 11-16-2020 Starke HomeFit 

5 sets for total reps
1:00 row/bike/ski/run/stairs
1:00 jumping lunges
1:00 pushups
1:00 goblet squats
1:00 KBS
2:00 rest

Workout Notes/Intentions: For today’s WOD, you will be spending 1 minute at each station accumulating reps. There is no transition between stations, so try to have a close set up to limit wasted time. The first minute should get your heartrate up in some capacity; if you have a machine you can go for cals. If you have a treadmill you can run for a minute. If you have a set of stairs in your home, you can run up and down the stairs for a minute. Other options could be skipping or burpees. Lunges are intended to be bodyweight; either jumping lunges (if you can), or walking lunges are fine. Pushups can be regular, hand release or incline to a box/bench/table/etc. Goblet squats can be weighted with whatever item you have; KB, DB, BB, backpack, child, etc. For KBS, use a KB if you have. A DB can work. If you do not have a weight, you can swing another item such as a weighted backpack. 2 minutes of rest after each full round. Count up for each station (i.e. cals+lunges+pushups+squats+swings)  so you get a total for each round. Record your total reps for each round and try to be consistent! Can your last round be your best round?