Monday 11-20-23 Workout Of The Day

Today we get to take a little break from our squat cycle BUT we’re still gonna hit the legs

“Legs Day”
E90 x 3
8 Split Squats / Leg
6-8 BB RDL
10 Walking DB Lunges
10 Max Height jumps
10 DB Burpees


Today’s workout is all about the legs. You’ll have time to warm up and build to a good working weight before beginning your three rounds. Since rounds are limited to 90 seconds, choose weights that will be challenging yet allow you to recover for the next exercise and transition within that 90 seconds. Find some buddies to share weights with to limit the amount of land mines laying around on the floor.

Part B is a short burner of a work out. Set a pace move quick and the closer you get to being done move even quicker.