Monday 12-06-21

With a partner E2M – 6
Build to a challenging heavy three back squats

Use this segment for a little pre-workout strength and to build to a heavy three back squats heavier than what you’ll use for the workout.

For Time…
20 Back Squats
40 T2B
50/60 Kcal Row

RX 155/225#
Intermediate 105/155#
Beginner 65/95#, sit ups or hanging leg raise, kcal row 50/35

  • Today’s workout should be a 10 minute workout +/-
  • Squats should be done in sets of 3 for seven reps. Breaking it up more would be too heavy and more rest time would be required. Performing only one or two sets to finish the 20 reps would be too light.
  • Don’t sacrifice depth for loading and use a box if needed. Heavy DB’s or Kettlebells can be used for this as well.
  • Partner up if you’re using a bar in the rack or the bar can be pulled from the floor if you so dare and start 1 minute after your partner.
  • ECHO bike alternative ending 50/32 Kcal