Monday 12-13-21

EMOM – 12
Odd Minutes: 3-5 Pull Ups
Even Minutes: 5 Double Bell Front Squats

2000m Row Time Trial

Row 500m + Rest 2 Min
Row 400m + Rest 1.75 Min
Row 300m + Rest 1.5 Min
Sprint 200m + Rest 3 Min

Row 2k  time trial. A 2k row is always a good test of fitness and gut check. Pay attention to your pace throughout the workout. Ideally we want to have a goal time in mind to finish your 2k. The last 400-500m you should be picking up the pace and the last 200-300m should be an all out sprint fro the last 20-30 strokes (10m = +/- 1 stroke depending on power and stroke length).