Monday 12-31-18



100 Double Unders or 150 Single Skips

20 BB Thrusters 55/75# or 2 x Kettlebells @ 20/30#

15 DB Cleans 30/40# (front head of DB touches the ground each and every rep)

10 Box Over Burpees 20/24″

5 Ring Muscle Ups / Dips

Rest 2 Min

*This workout is a throttle workout. Start hard and fast, finish hard and fast. The two minute recovery will allow you to maintain a high intensity as well 😉
Double unders or single skips should take you no longer than 90 seconds.
Thrusters should be fast and unbroken
Box over burpees should be consistent
Muscle Ups / Dips should be scaled as needed.

This workout should be a waterfall start with a two minute delay for each athlete behind. If you’re in the same lineup / group you should be sharing the same equipment except the skipping rope.

Final time should include four, two minute breaks.