We’re a few weeks out from the CrossFit Open and we will be doing an Intramural style open once again with teams & captains. Last year we did the open workouts on Saturday afternoons instead of the typical “Friday Night Lights”. The reason for this was to allow participants to get some rest Friday night after a long week of work, sleep in a bit, have a good breakfast/brunch and then kill whatever workout Dave Castro’s got in store for us. The Open is for ANY level with Teen’s, Scaled, RX’d and Masters divisions anyone can participate with this globally inclusive fitness test. If you’re Open to the Open SIGN UP HERE

Stay tuned for more info on the Open on our members-only Facebook page and in the Blog section here under “Coache’s corner”

Monday 2-04-19


“Five Alive”

16 DB Snatches 35/50#

2 Bar Muscle-Ups / Jumping Muscle-Ups / C2B Pull Ups / Strict Pull-Ups

8/10 Kcal Row

10 HSPU / Pike Push Ups / DB Push Press

Workout Notes:

Half the class starts on DB Snatches the other half starts on the row.

This is a great workout for athletes who have recently picked up bar muscle ups and gives you a chance to work on some low rep higher skill work in a metcon. For those that don’t have a full bar MU yet, you can use a box to simulate the swing then jump up to and over the bar for the press out. If  that’s above your level you can always do C2B pull ups, Pull Ups, or Jumping Pull Ups or Ring Rows @ a 5151 Tempo

This should be a quick moving workout without too much rest needed during your working sets. HSPU’s should be done within no more than two sets.