Gym News…

Hey everyone, There’s a few exciting changes on the schedule this week (and month) that we’d like to share with you.

  1. Weightlifting has now moved to Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm and shares the same time slot as Powerlifting. Double, the weights, double the barbells, and double the grunting. How can this be a bad thing?
  2. There are two 7:30pm classes back on the schedule on Monday & Wednesday nights following weightlifting. This is the ideal set up if you want to get as much as possible out of weightlifting then get some metabolic conditioning in.
  3. Yoga now follows the 7:30pm CrossFit class @ 8:35pm for an hour. For those of you looking to get your CrossFit on then getting bendy afterwards this is a perfect set up. That body should be warm and pliable and “ready” for whatever Jordan is going to put you through…
  4. StarkeKids starts up again this week and is now running at 6:30pm Thursday’s being followed up by a StarkeFit Ignite class beginning February 22nd at 7:30pm
  5. Open Prep classes with coach Ben will be going on for another two weeks. For those of you wanting to work on skills and drills and refine some movements that may come up in the open (or in regular classes) make it out to these sessions!!!
  6. StarkeFit programming will not be found in the daily WOD column anymore as coach Jon has taken over programming for it muahahahha. You can now find the weekly programming for StarkeFit under the “Blog” tab and “StarkeFit”

All the changes are on the schedule starting tomorrow. We hope that with some of these added times and classes it will give members more training options and even more gains…


Monday 2-05-18 Workout Of The Day

CrossFit & Fitness

EMOM 10 (Both movements in one minute)

2-5 Strict Pull Ups or C2B pull Ups

2-5 Strict Ring Dips

*Athletes will find the toughest option for successful repetitions in the warm up.

The goal of the EMOM work is perform successful consistent reps. Don’t start with a high number then fall of the wagon.

Pick a number and method that is challenging and repeatable each round.

You are better off doing two extremely challenging and measurable reps of each movement for ten rounds than four s#itty reps for ten rounds.




100′ Loaded Carry

15 T2B

50 Double Unders

*Loaded carries should be heavy but unbroken