Monday 3-11-19


3 Rounds NFT

8 Double Bell Deadlift / Leg

8 Kneeling Press / Side (right knee on an AB mat while KB is being pressed from the right side)

10 T2B “V” With this variation start with a dead hang and initiate by bringing both feet up to your right hand, bring your feet back down to the center then up to the left hand (this would be counted as two reps). There is no beat swing with this variation. This exercise will target the oblique’s which help to create the group of muscles we call your “core”

Rectus Abdominis
Transverse Abdominis
Internal  (deep) & External Oblique’s
Spinal Erectors (lower to upper back)
Muttifidus (either side of the spine)
And Pelvic floor


Buy In
10 x 50’ Shuttle Runs

3 Rounds of
10 Double Bell C&J
3 x Stair Sprints (sprint up & walk down)
10 Burpee Pull-Ups or Burpee Ring Rows

Cash Out
10 x 50’ Shuttle Runs