Monday 3-18-19

20 Min AMRAP with a waterfall start (1 min delay)

“Shoulder Check”

10/12 Kcal Row

10 BB Thrusters 65/95#

10 Box Jump Over’s 20/24”

10 KBS 50/70#


Rest 1 Minute

*All weights chosen should be done at a weight that the exercises performed will be unbroken for all sets. Make sure to modify movements to help you to move consistently through the workout without too much downtime (less than 15 seconds for any break.

The idea of a “Waterfall Start” is to have about three + people in each working line. All athletes can be using the same equipment as they will not be on the same exercise at the same time. This method typically gets participants working harder as they’re being “chased”

The “fastest” athlete in the line up should go first followed by the second fastest, then the third fastest. If you happen to get passed by any of the athletes in your team you must do five burpees before continuing on…