Monday 3-27-23 Workout Of The Day

E4M – 5 (20 min)

5 Front Squats & 6-8 DB or KB Push Press (heavy)

In a four minute window, perform the above two movements. Build to a relatively heavy weight to begin and stay at your weight OR build through your working sets.

AMRAP – 10
“Snow Blow”
7/10 Kcal Ski
8 Shuttle Runs (wall to wall = 1 length)
6 Dbl. KB C&J 35/50# 30/40# 20/30# +/-

Pick a pace and keep moving, Make sure you’re working at a pace where you don’t need to stop and rest and can push the pace at the end of the workout. C&J should be heavy and unbroken for 6 reps.