Monday 4-16-18 Workout Of The Day

This week we start with some testing as we begin our 12-week weightlifting cycle. These classes will take place in the three weightlifting classes a week and will be posted at the bottom of the daily WOD. If you can’t make the weightlifting class and still want to take advantage of the programmed workouts they will be available for you.

We used this cycle a couple years ago and saw some awesome PR’s throughout the cycle and everyone who followed it PR’d their front and back squat along with their snatch and clean & jerk.

For newer athletes, your goal should still be to come to classes and work on technical proficiency which will carry you further than lifting the most weight possible.

CrossFit & Fitness


10-12 Kcal Row

10 Thrusters BB 65/95# KB 30/40#

5-8 Chin Ups

10 Back Lunges BB 65/95# KB 30/40#



Today’s class will be used to find a 1RM Snatch followed by a 1RM Front Squat.

These numbers are important as we will be basing percentages off of these numbers for the upcoming three months of programming.