GYM NEWS: Happy Monday everyone! We hope everyone had a great weekend and spent some time outside moving your bodies and maybe even some heavy A$$ weights! We hope everyone is staying positive, healthy and fit during this time. We’re coming up with some challenges for you to get done throughout this lockdown and hope to have as many people participating as possible. If you’re struggling and need some help and motivation or to do a goal setting session (virtually or sitting in the parking lot) please let us know and we’re happy to help as best we can.

Have a great week ahead everyone and stay safe!

Monday 5-17-21 Starke HomeFit

E2M – 5
5 Strict Press

Use DB’s, Barbells or Kettlebells and find a challenging weight for your five strict press. If you have limited weights available to you, add a tempo to slow the movements down and find a challenge for reps 4 & 5.

AMRAP – 15
“Run DT Run” @95/135#
12 Deadlift
9 Hang power Cleans
6 S2OH *(shoulder to overhead)
Run 200m

Use DB’s, Kettlebells or a Barbell and perform the movements above “DT” followed by a 200m run after each round completed. Some will be able to go unbroken through all three movements and take off onto the run. Some may break between the deadlifts and power cleans and after the the power cleans and before the S2OH. Picking a weight that would allow you to go “unbroken” would be more desirable and allow you to get a little more “work” done.

If you plan on breaking up your movements and taking some rest, perform 11 deadlifts then rest as your first deadlift will count as a deadlift and the lift to initiate your power clean. If you’re going to break on your power cleans, break on your 8th hang power clean. When you deadlift the bar back up and hang power clean it to get ready for your S2OH that power clean will count as your 9th hang power clean and set you up for your first S2OH

*shoulder to overhead can be strict press, push press, push/power jerk, thruster (nobody ever picks strict press or thruster. Like ever…)