Monday 6-07-21 Starke HomeFit


E2:30 – 6
5 Front squats @ 32X2 Tempo

Choose a Barbell, Kettle Bells or DB’s for your tempo squats. These will be a three second descent, two second hold in the bottom position, explode up, pause and re-pressurize at the top again for two seconds. Your weight should be challenging while being able to maintain a good upright position.

AMRAP – 15 @ 65/95#
“At The Bar”
10 S2OH
8 Hang Power Cleans
6 Front Squats
4 Bar Over Burpees

Part B can be done with a Barbell, DB’s or Kettlebells. The weight isn’t too heavy so plan your breaks as needed and keep moving as consistently as possible.