Hey Everyone. I hope you’re having a great Father’s Day weekend so far. This week we’ve added some more open gym times to the schedule for athletes to take advantage of to get in some exta skill work, add in some extra programming or just come in and chill. We love that we have athletes wanting to get better and work on skill work but we can no longer allow for it to happen during classes. Our classes are the main priority all the time and the more people we have doing extra work on the floor during those classes can cause some disruptions with space, equipment, and noise level when a coach is trying to coach.

We ask that athletes that want to put extra work in do so during open gym hours, outside the garage doors if a class is going on (on nice days) or up in the mezzanine out of the way of coached classes. All athletes have access to open gym and we ask that everyone planning on making use of OG sign up in advance. OG will use up a “visit” if you’re on a limited membership and is included in “unlimited” memberships.

The only athletes that will be training on their own during coached classes will be coaches themselves and members who are paying for additional programming or Hybrid memberships. All of these coaches and members know that classes are our first priority and must

a. Not take up space or equipment needed for class

b. Not disrupt class in any way (noise from rowing or bikes, dropping heavy weights over and over especially during instruction in class, or by distracting class participants

c. ask the coach on deck EVERY TIME where the coach would like them to train to not interfere with class.

If you have any questions pleas let me know by emailing and thank you for your understanding and helping us to provide the best service and product possible!


Monday 6-18-18

5 Rounds For Time (RFT)…

“Should Be Easy”

16 Walking DB Overhead Lunges (8 lunges with right arm overhead and 8 lungs with left arm overhead)

50 Double Unders or 100 Single Skips

15 T2B / HLR

For today’s workout pick a challenging weight that you can do a total of 8 OH lunges with before switching sides or putting it down. If you don’t have the mobility to go overhead, don’t force it. Keep the DB on your shoulder and challenge yourself that way instead (this might even allow you to go a little heavier).

If you have good double unders giver. If not perform single unders or spend no more than one minute on attempted double unders (its still going to be work). If your DU’s need some TLS spend time before or after a workout working on some DU skill  work. Remember 5 minutes of practice x 12 times in a month = 60 minutes of skill work. Do you think that will help you to get better at DU’s? Ask a coach for some drills or feedback on your technique and we can help to get you going in the right direction.

On your T2B or HLR make sure you finish the way you start. This means that if you’re going to do T2B (toes to bar) right off the bat you should stay accountable and rest as needed to complete solid reps. If you’re going to do HLR (hanging leg raise) make sure to consistently get your knees to your chest or above waist height. If you cant get them up there then drop down and rest and get back up when you can.

Be consistent and be accountable!!!


Power Snatch 5 x 2 @ 70%

Power Clean + Jerk 5 x 1 @ 70%

Front Squat 5 x 2 @ 87%