Monday 7-03-23 Workout Of The Day

In teams of two…

With a running clock…
”Heavy Hitter”

0:00 – 13:00
1 Mile Burden Run
(The sooner you and your partner get back, the more rest you get)

13:00 – 20:00 (7 Min)
Max reps Squat Cleans
RX: 125/185
Int: 110/155#
Beg: 85/115 +/-

* Choose a weight you can go five unbroken TNG res with fresh

Rest 20:00-23:00

23:00 – 30:00
Max reps Bench or Floor Press

RX: 110/155#
Intermediate: 95/135#
Beginner: 65/95# +/-

Rest 30:00 – 33:00

33:00 – 40:00
Max reps deadlift

Intermediate: 125/185#
Beginner: 95/135#

Today’s holiday workout is a little slower and heavier. Work with a partner to hit max repetitions for each movement. Rounds are seven minutes but you’ll only be working for about half of that. Pick weights you can perform a MINIMUM of five unbroken reps with FRESH! Communication and quick transitions will help you to keep moving.