Monday 9-11-17 Workout Of The Day

Well, the Starke Games turned out great. The feedback I’ve been getting is great and I hope that no matter what you did over the weekend you had fun whether you were competing, judging, volunteering, or spectating. I will have to do a post on this year’s event but I need to reflect on it a bit first.

I can’t thank our amazing coaches, therapists, and members enough for all of their help. Without all of you, this event wouldn’t happen.

Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow for today’s final and a Starke Original workout “Hercules”


For Time

“Hercules” @ 65/95#

10 Snatches

20 OHS

30 Thrusters

40 Deadlift

50 Back Squat



“Hercules” AMRAP 18 One Kettlebell @ 30/50#

10 Snatches / Arm

20 OHS (10/arm)

30 Thrusters 15 / Arm

40 KBS

50 Goblet Squat