Starke Powerlifting will bring out your inner animal. Athletes will focus on the three big lifts (Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift) along with accessory work to build optimal strength for these three raw and primitive lifts. If you like to pick things up and put them down and want to learn optimal technique for your body type from qualified and medaled coaches this is your class.

This class is for the athlete interested in learning the methods used in powerlifting and incorporating them into training. Participants learn about: how to vary exercises, volume and loading to develop top-end strength. We will also evaluate the importance of programming percentages, structure and phase potentiation for strength training. Emphasis will be placed on the three major lifts: back squat, deadlift and bench press, although instruction is applicable to all strength training. The class also includes information on numerous assistance exercises and accommodating resistance (box squats, bands for lifts, sleds, ropes, etc.). All methods can be used with CrossFit to help increase one’s overall fitness.