Saturday 3-28-20 Starke HomeFit 


Well it’s almost been a couple weeks of this social distancing thing. I know people aren’t too happy about it but if it means we’re saving lives then it’s worth it. To help aid the solidarity of working out alone at home, coach Kraus and coach Dyck will be running a zoom class at 9am on Saturday the 28th of March (that’s tomorrow if you don’t know what date it is).

If you want to join us for a sweat session jump on the link below and we’ll all hit it together.

Have a great evening and we hope to see you in the morning for “Saturday”

A. EMOM – 10
15 Air Squats
10 Hip Hops
5 Push Ups  

Rest 3 Minutes

DB Snatches
Anchored Sit Ups

Rest 3 Minutes 

5 DB Over Burpees
5 DB Squats