Saturday 04-10-2021 Workout Of the Day

40 min partner AMRAP* @65/95#
40 BB power snatch
40 box jumps
40 BB front rack lunges
40 burpees
40 BB hang C&J
40 T2B

*E4:00 both partners must complete 15-20 Kcal together 

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s WOD is a partner workout. Reps can be broken up any way; certain movements may be more favourable to do smaller sets (snatches, burpees, C&J’s) and some may be doable in slightly larger sets (box jumps, lunges). Every 4 minutes (starting @4 minutes and finishing the last round @40 minutes when the timer goes) both partners must complete 15-20 Kcal combined on one machine. This should take about a minute, no longer (scale number down if needed). Workout begins with snatches and finishes at the 40 minute mark with both partners hitting their last set of cals when that final timer goes!