Saturday 05-02-20

Circuit – 30
6 Deadlift
8 HSPU / Push Press
10 DB/KB Squat Cleans (single DB @ 5/side)
12 Hollow Press (6/side)
14 HLR (knees to chest no swing)
16 Split Squats (8/side)

*In today’s workout, participants will be performing a circuit style workout. This is different than the typical “AMRAP” because a circuit you can continue to move through at a consistent pace and maintain a fairly consistent heart rate and output level along with intensity. In an AMRAP participants are pushing their limits trying to get as much work done as possible in a given time frame. AMRAP style workouts done all the time can wear you down. Circuits can build you up and not have you worrying about work capacity but quality and consistency of movement.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend!