Saturday 05/20/2023 Workout Of the Day

40 min Partner AMRAP*
40 cal ECHO
40 hang C&J @65/95#
40 bar facing burpees
40 floor press @65/95#
40 pullups
40 thrusters @65/95#
*E5:00 run 200m together

Workout Notes: Share the work however you want, one person working at a time! At the 5 minute mark, both partners run 200m together. If one person comes back sooner and wants to start working, they can. Every 5 minutes, both partners will stop where they are and go on the run. Come back and pick up wherever you left off. You will end up running a total of 8 times. The workout starts on the ECHO bike and ends with the final run @40 minutes. Have fun!