Saturday 06-20-2020 Workout Of the Day

AMRAP x 40 mins (solo OR partner)
1000m row
35 t2b
35 burpees
35 hang power cleans @95/135#
35 DB step ups @35/50# / 20/24”

Workout Intentions/Notes: This is a long grinder of a workout! Pace yourself and just keep moving. If you want to tackle this one solo, the option is there. You may also choose to do it with a partner. Just stay in your box, have your own equipment and be near to each other so you can communicate where you are at. Split the reps however you would like. The stimulus will be slightly different with a partner vs. solo. If choosing the partner option, you will be working for shorter periods at higher intensity, and then resting while your partner works. If doing this solo, it will be a slower more sustainable effort rather than shorter bursts of high intensity; resting when you need.