Saturday 09/02/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. 30 min. Partner AMRAP @30/40#
3 DB burpees
6 DB hang C&J
9/12 cal ski
12 DB front squats 

B. For Time w/ partner:
100 cal echo*
Partner must hold wallsit while “resting”

Workout Notes: Part A is a 30 minute Partner AMRAP. One partner does a full round while the other rests. You must complete a full round before your partner goes. Use 2 dumbbells for all movements. Work hard during your portion as you will get a decent amount of rest.

Part B is 100 cals on the echo bike for time with a partner. Spilt it up however you want. For calories to count on the bike, the other person must be holding a 90 degree wallsit. (“Rest” = holding wallsit). Switch whenever you want/need. Record final time and set the bikes to countdown from 100 cals.