Saturday 1-19-19

25 Min Grinder

5 DB S2OH / Side (control weight down to the ground NOT dropping from overhead)

1 x 50′ Sled Pull (rope or double straps) Goal is to use arms only no “walking” the weight back.

6 Strict C2B Pull-Ups / Pull Ups / Banded Pull-Ups (with band use tempo 31×1)

5 / Leg DB / KB Step Ups (not alternating)

5 Bent Over DB Row / Arm heavy and should be done at the DB rack

6 Goblet Squat Jumps (heavy)

100m Sprint on the rower (damper setting @ 10) BE EXPLOSIVE!!!

*The purpose of a grinder is to go slower and heavier in this type of workout. Everyone should exercise control over the movements and pick a weight that you wouldn’t do a metcon with.

Rest between movements should be 30-60 seconds max with the goal of moving consistently.

This isn’t a “cardio” workout but you’ll feel like it is 10 minutes into it…