Saturday 10-07-23 Workout Of The Day

E90 – 5
2 TNG Clean & Jerks

AMRAP – 30
In Teams of two…
Alternate working partners

5 C&J ea.
10 C2b / Pull Ups ea.
30 Alternating sandbag lunges
30 Sandbag Squats
300m Sandbag run (150m carry for each person) 

Today is a two-part workout. Use part A. to find a good weight for five heavyish clean and jerks. You should be able to perform your clean and jerks within 5 to 8 seconds of dropping the bar (they do NOT need to be TNG in the workout). One person will complete all five of their clean and jerks before the second person completes all five of their clean and jerks. Next, Person when will complete all chest to bar, pull ups or pull ups before person to complete their 10 reps.
When it comes to the sandbags, share the load and complete your 30 lunges together, followed by your 30 squats before taking off on a 300 m run with your sandbag. Person one will carry the same bag for 150 m before a person to takes the load.

The 300 m run starts at the yellow line closest to the north garage door and goes all the way to the street (past the gates to our compound). From the line to the road and back is 150 m once you complete the 150m, pass the sand bag off to your partner. Note: Both partners will complete the 300 m of running together. 150 m with the sandbag and 150 m without.

SAND BAG WEIGHT: Choose a weight that you and your partner can share. There are loadable bags inside each sandbag so mix and match whatever you need to get the job done. Coaches will notice if you take all the sandbags out of your sandbag 😉