Saturday 11-27-21

AMRAP 40 In teams of two…

50 Thrusters
50 Pull-Ups
50 Kcal Ski
50 BB Back Squat Jumps
50 DB Push Ups*
50 Kcal ECHO Bike

Today’s workout is a partner workout where teammates can share the load with only one partner working at a time.
For ski and bike variations, teams will need to share the bike and ski erg. If the machine you’re getting to in the work out is in use, flip them in the sequence. All Ski ergs and bikes will be on the turf for a first come first served basis.

*DB push ups are meant to add a bit more ROM for the person doing the push ups. Other variations to make th push-ups repeatable are welcomed (box, bench etc). The DB’s are there to add that extra challenge for those who are able to do full chest to ground push ups and add a bit more of a challenge. Making your pushups measurable and repeatable is more important than adding difficulty to them.

Have fun 🙂