Saturday 12-09-23 Workout Of The Day

In Teams of Two…
AMRAP – 30 
You go, I go. 

2 Ring Muscle Ups or Burpee Pull Ups
3 Power Cleans
4 Strict HSPU or Strict KB Press
5 Front Squats
6 T2B C2B Combo  
7 Deadlifts
8 Ring Dips

RX+: 125/185#
RX: 110/155#
Int: 95/135#
Beg: 65/95#

In today’s workout, you’ll be alternating working partners for each exercise. Person one will complete two muscle ups before person two does all three power cleans, person one will perform HSPU or strict KB press and so on…

Pick weights and methods you can move consistently with for quick transitions.