GYM NEWS: We’ve got a lot going on today. Today we have the 12 days of Christmas going on at 8:30 am and 10:15am for 90 minutes. This is a long workout and takes time to set up and warm up so we’ve allotted 90 minutes for the workout 🙂

SATURDAY EVENING from 4-6pm we have our Starke Christmas party at THE BEACH indoor beach volleyball courts. wear your BEST beach attire for the event! we will be getting sand everywhere and YES we’re gonna like it! Join us back at Starke around 6:30 a potluck and some time to chat and relax. No you will not be judged about what you choose to bring. This is not a test… Please email info@starkestrength to register for THE BEACH


It’s the most wonderful time of year, again. Time for the 12 days of Christmas AND our Starke Christmas party!

This workout is scheduled for 90 minutes because it may take that long to conquer it. You have two options to slay this workout. You can A. Try to take on the 12 Days yourself or B. You can team up with a partner and “share the load” of the workout trading off anytime you like. If you’re a newer athlete I would suggest pairing up with someone and attacking it that way. If you’re a veteran who has taken on the twelve days in the past then it’s time for you to revisit the beast…

Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

  1. During warmup, coaches will be getting you to hit all the movements to make sure you’re comfortable with the loading and movements.
  2. This workout is a lot of reps and not a nice one to “bring a friend from out of town” to. That is unless they do CrossFit already.
  3. This is a long workout it’s 364 repetitions and you’re only at the halfway point when you Get into the middle of round 10.
  4. People will mess this up but I’m going to go over it anyways and so will your coaches. The workout goes exactly like the song. On the first day of Christmas, you do one deadlift. On the second day of Christmas, you do two muscle ups and one deadlift. On the third day of Christmas, you do three heavy KBS, two muscle ups, and one deadlift. On the fourth day of Christmas, you do four front squats, three heavy KBS, two muscle ups, and one deadlift. Does that make sense?


Starke CrossFit RX Option

1 Deadlift 225/315#
2 Muscle Ups (or ring dips)
3 KBS 80/100
4 Front Squats 95/135#
6 C&J 95/135#
7 Push Ups
8 Pull-ups
9 T2B
10 OHS 95/135#
11 Lateral Bar Jump Burpees
12 Snatch 95/135#

Starke CrossFit “Fitness” Option 

1 Deadlift 155/225#
2 KB Clean & Push Press/Push Jerk 30/50#
3 Front Squats 65/95 or 30/50# KB’s
4 Ring Dips/Bench Dips
5 Pull Ups
6 Box Jumps 16/20″
7 Burpees
8 Push Ups
9 Wall Balls 14/20# 9/10′
10 KBS 60/80#
11 Med Ball Cleans 14/20#
12 BB Thrusters 65/95# Or KB’s 30/50#


Enjoy The Starke 12 Days of Christmas Home Edition for a fun “out of the box” experience 😉

Check out the video for more information and recommendations along with demos and modifications so you can hit the 12 Days Of Christmas in the “comfort” of your own home 😏

1. Pistol or Single Leg Squat to a bench per leg
2. “Man Makers”
3. Burpee Box Jumps or Burpee Tuck Jumps
4. Dips (ring box bench chair)
5. Single KB or DB Clean & Jerks per arm (gnd.)
6. Dragon Flags
7. Push-Ups
8. Pull-Ups, Body rows, or Bent Over Rows
9. Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings
10. KB or DB Snatches per arm gnd.
11. Single Leg Back Lunges per side
12. Weighted Squat Jumps

This workout goes like the song. On the first day of Christmas you do ONE pistol on each leg. On the second day of Christmas you do TWO “Man Makers” then ONE pistol on each leg. On the third day of Christmas you do THREE burpee box jumps, TWO “Man Makers” and ONE pistol per leg…

Keep following along in this fashion and remember, every time you add a new day you complete all the days below in order counting down.

Have fun!