Saturday 12-26-20 Starke HomeFit The 12 Days Of Christmas Home Edition 2020

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!!!

We hope you’re all having a great and safe Christmas with your families and we wanted to make sure you weren’t all sitting around too much so we thought we’d give you the gift of movement. 

Enjoy The Starke 12 Days of Christmas Home Edition 😉

Check out the video for more information and recommendations along with demos and modifications so you can hit the 12 Days Of Christmas in the “comfort” of your own home 😏

1. Pistol or Single Leg Squat to a bench per leg 

2. “Man Makers” 

3. Burpee Box Jumps or Burpee Tuck Jumps 

4. Dips (ring box bench chair) 

5. Single KB or DB Clean & Jerks per arm (gnd.)

6. Dragon Flags 

7. Push-Ups 

8. Pull-Ups, Body rows, or Bent Over Rows

9. Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swings

10. KB or DB Snatches per arm gnd. 

11. Single Leg Back Lunges per side

12. Weighted Squat Jumps

This workout goes like the song. On the first day of Christmas you do ONE pistol on each leg. On the second day of Christmas you do TWO “Man Makers” then ONE pistol on each leg. On the third day of Christmas you do THREE burpee box jumps, TWO “Man Makers” and ONE pistol per leg… 

Keep following along in this fashion and remember, every time you add a new day you complete all the days below in order counting down. 

Have fun!